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6.5 Metre 
JCB S1930E
Scissor Lift

Starting at £120 per day

For those essential repairs, maintenance and installation tasks where you need safe and simple low level access, our Scissor Lift platform allows you to quickly reach heights over 6m.


  • Safer working alternative to ladders & steps

  • Fully extended platform height of 5.8m provides average working heights over 6.5m

  • Battery powered operation 

  • Compact deign fits through interior doorways and through lift doors

  • Easy to operate hand controls

  • Up to 2 person access lift

  • Platform capacity 230kg

  • Platform height is 5.8m

  • Working height is 6.5m


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Machine Weight

2850 kg

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Working Height 


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Maximum Out Reach


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Safe Working Load


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Platform Height 


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Machine Width



Click here to view technical SPEC 

And video 

*All prices listed are excluding of vat and delivery 

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